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Parents are child's first teachers


Referatas apie tėvų įtaką vaikams (anglų kalba). Parents are child’s first teachers. How parents influence their children's education. The problems of drugs, smoking and drinking among teenagers. Mothers and fathers share a special body with their children. Išnašos.


Parents are a child's first teachers, and the home is the first classroom. No one disputes the importance of parental support and community collaboration in a child's growth and development. There is no doubt that families of almost all children play an important role in early intervention- parents can teach their children some of the skills and learning tools that will later be reinforced in a school setting. It means that parents really have influence to children’s life since children start walking. In that case they have to assume responsibility for their actions. For example: they can not curse when children listen to their conversation. Also, parents can not use violence among themselves as well. There are many reasons for. Firstly, children have ability to become brute person. Secondly, children ought to break faith with parents. ,, A seven- years –old with a more extensive vocabulary than her peers, because her parents encouraged language development 5 years earlier, will master the tasks of elementary grades more easily and, as a result, perceive herself as more competent than her peers. This belief is likely to embolden her to resist domination by others and, perhaps, motivate the initiation of unusually challenging tasks. The 7- year – old who was not chastised for aggressive behaviour earlier or who had abusive or overly intrusive parents is likely to be aggressive with peers. As a result, these children provoke peer rejection and eventually come to question their acceptability to others. ‘’ So, it is seen that environment where children live is one of the most important thing which create personality. What is more, friends have a strong influence on each other, so parents should know their children’s friends. Parents can try to help children become friends with kids whose families share their values. Particularly, all children are very different. This claim and Kirk/Gallagher: ,,We are all aware of how children of the same age vary physically. Some are tall and thin; others are short and chubby, with much variation in between. We find this same variation in other areas of development- intelligence, emotional maturity, and social development." Seriously these facts should affect children. They become disappointed. It is not easy to be different in our society. Especially nowadays in our fast-moving world we are face with this psychological children’s problem. For young person it is impossible image that she or he can not be the best one. Everyone should agree with statement that all children dream about wealth, appearance. But all of them have not ability to joy with this. Children feel depressed. As family is in the first place in everyone’s life, parents have to cool down their children. Kirk/Gallagher point up:,, a family must generate income, protect and maintain its members and home, nurture and love one another, and see to it that children are socialized and educated. When a child is handicapped, these responsibilities grow larger. There is the expense, the time, the energy needed to care for the child; the extra concern for the child’s safety; the difficulty of helping the child develop a good self- image and social skills; and the problems of seeing to it that the child receives an appropriate education. Everyone ordinary task becomes more difficult, and more stressful".
So, parents must carefully look after children when they are very young. Only parents have the biggest influence to children during this period. Parental love should surmount difficulties. By age of 4 to 8 years, children believe that some of the attributes of their parent are part of their own stock of plays; even this belief should have no objective basic. ,, A girl whose mother is afraid of storms and large animals is tempted to assume that she, too, is afraid of these dangerous events; a girl with a relatively fearless mother will come to the opposite conclusion. In addition, children share vicariously in some of the experiences that occur to the parents with whom they are identified. A boy whose father is popular with friends and relatives, for example, will find it easier to conclude that he, too, has qualities that make him acceptable to others. " ...

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